On 9 May the former governor of Jakarta, Indonesia was sentenced to two years in prison on blasphemy charges.

Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, known as ‘Ahok’, only wanted to serve his people as governor: and, as a double minority – ethnic Chinese and Christian – he was Jakarta’s first non-Muslim governor for over fifty years. 

During his re-election campaign, Ahok quoted a Qur’anic verse to address concerns that his political opponents may use it to discourage people from voting for him as a non-Muslim. He was then falsely accused of criticising the verse itself.

Ahok’s imprisonment isn’t only deeply unjust: it’s a worrying statement about religious freedom in Indonesia.

Your letters are a vital message of hope and a way of helping innocent people in prison.

Your letter will encourage Ahok at this dark and difficult time, particularly as he and his family have received death threats. Your cards will also let the Indonesian authorities know that the world is watching, offering Ahok a degree of protection.

Ahok’s Address:

Bpk Basuki Tjahaja Purnama
Mafo Forps Brimab Polri
Jl. M. Yasin
Your Kelapa Dua
Depok 16951

Ahok is just one of many innocent people who have been targeted because of their faith: you can find many more people to write to using Connect & Encourage.

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By Praying, protesting, providing and proclaiming, individuals and churches are helping to make religious freedom a reality. Please join them and get involved!

Mervyn Thomas,
Chief Executive, CSW