Stop hatred before it starts

At school, Jacob’s teachers and fellow students treat him like a second-class citizen and taunt him, saying he can never be more than a cleaner – all because of his faith.

Discrimination against religious minorities at school teaches intolerance and fuels religious hatred. Together we must ensure that education in Pakistan promotes understanding and equality, regardless of religion or belief.

Stop hatred before it starts – no more textbooks teaching prejudice.


To the Foreign Secretary and Secretary of State for International Development

Please work with the education authorities in Pakistan to ensure that UK AID is not used to fund biased textbooks that promote prejudice. Also, please actively support educational and interfaith initiatives that promote mutual understanding between religious groups.




When will the petition be handed in?
We don't have an exact date, but it'll be mid-late June 2018.

Why should I sign?
Firstly, because no child should be taught to hate. School textbooks in Pakistan are littered with discriminatory ideas and hate speech, teaching that religious minorities (including Christians, Ahmadi Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs) are inferior and don’t belong in Pakistan.

So many of the injustices we see in our world today are rooted in hatred that’s learned in a child’s early years. Religious fundamentalism is at worrying levels in Pakistan, with terrorism claiming hundreds of lives over the past few years alone. To stop this tide of violence, we need to tackle hatred in the education system before it takes root.

Secondly, because every child deserves to have dreams. Isaac was forced to give up on his dreams. He was told that because he’s Christian, all he’ll ever be is a cleaner. We want to make sure that textbooks no longer entrench this view, and instead celebrate the contribution of religious minorities and foster diversity.

How will this petition make a difference?
Pakistan receives more in UK aid than any other country. It’s right that we should give to a country where so many children live in poverty. However, we also need to ensure that instead of fuelling prejudice, our money is enabling children to help themselves out of poverty and become good citizens.

At the same time as we are applying pressure in the UK, groups within Pakistan, including our partners the National Commission for Justice and Peace and the Cecil & Iris Chaudhry Foundation, are campaigning on the same issue, lobbying provincial governments and education authorities there.

What will you do with the petition?
The petition will go to both the Foreign Secretary and the Secretary of State for International Development. That’s because we need the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the Department for International Development to work together to address this issue.

What else can I do?
Take a look at There you’ll find campaign resources, films to share, actions you can take and more.


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We believe no one should suffer discrimination, harassment or persecution because of their beliefs