Invite your MP to the launch of our new toolkit

We’re launching a brand new toolkit to equip MPs and peers to stand up for freedom of religion or belief. It’ll give them all the tools they need – from in depth briefings on religious freedom around the world, to a list of the specific things they can do in their position in parliament. 

Fill in the form on the right, then scroll down and press Send email, to invite your MP to the toolkit launch on 23 October.

By the way, your MP is much, much more likely to read your email if you take a few moments to add something to what we’ve written. Even just a line thanking them for their work will make a difference. 

We’ve chosen this date especially because the Saturday of that week (27 October) is International Freedom of Religion or Belief Day. What better way for your MP to show their support than by attending our event, and picking up a toolkit to help them stand up for religious freedom!

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We believe no one should suffer discrimination, harassment or persecution because of their beliefs