‘This is the cry of a father, unjustly imprisoned’

Pastor Nadarkhani is currently serving a ten-year sentence in Evin Prison in Tehran simply for speaking out for religious freedom. Remarkably, even from prison he is campaigning for his children, Daniel and Yoel, who are unable to continue their education because of their faith and that of their father.

Speak up for Daniel, Yoel and all those like them in Iran whose parents’ conversion is not being recognised. Add your name to the petition to the Minister for the Middle East and North Africa, calling for all children to have the right to both Faith and a Future.

No child should be punished for their faith.

Children are facing discrimination at school, or are even being prevented from attending school, because of their religion or belief.

Please use your good offices to encourage the Iranian authorities to ensure that every child is free to learn, whatever their religion, and that no child is punished for their faith.

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We believe no one should suffer discrimination, harassment or persecution because of their beliefs