Rescue the 16 children of Du Merci orphanage

Professor Tarfa was falsely charged and detained for almost a year. Worse still, the children of the Du Merci orphanage, which he founded with his wife Mercy, are being targeted.

Sixteen of the children – the youngest just four years old – have been in state custody for over a year. In that time, they’ve been beaten, underfed, and one child is in hospital with first degree burns after a fire broke out in the government-run home. 

Now we’ve learned that five of the children, ranging in age from four to eight, have been transferred from the government-run home to an orphanage in a remote rural location. The Tarfas fear for their welfare, and that they may never see them again. 

Send an email to the Nigerian High Commissioner: urge the Nigerian government to ensure the safety and speedy return of the Du Merci children. 

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Sarafa Tunji
Nigerian High Commission in London

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