Join the campaign. No arms to Myanmar/Burma military.

Join the campaign.

The human rights situation in Myanmar/Burma has deteriorated rapidly since the military coup of 1 February. Over 800 people have been killed by the military in the cities, where live ammunition and horrific beatings are deployed with impunity. Over 5,000 have been arrested and more than 4,000 are currently in jail. Away from the cities, the military has broken its ceasefire with ethnic groups and is attacking civilians, with over 40,000 people displaced following airstrikes in Karen State that began on 27 March.

A little boy with a bandage on his face, Myanmar

Two year old Saw Ta Eh Ka Lu Moo Taw survived an airstrike in Karen State that killed his father.

The EU, UK and US governments have now sanctioned the Myanmar/Burma military, but the international community must do more to prevent violence from escalating further. 

Write to the Foreign Secretary now and call on the UK government to lead a global arms embargo against the Myanmar/Burma military.

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